Technical Report - Purpose Statement Final

3. Purpose Statement
This report proposes a “smart lighting” system to the Division of Estate SIT with the use of a sensor and a wireless technology. This report will describe the use of its proposed solution and explain how to constructively manage the electrical wastage problem of street lights. Additionally, the report aims to present an overview of a greener solution to street lighting.

Technical Report- Background Final

1 Background
With the rising concern of increasing energy consumption, the Energy Market Authority is reviewing new ideas and solutions. Currently, enormous electrical energy is being consumed by street lights controlled through the time of the day. In Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), the streetlamps are using LED’s (light emitting diode) in the carpark. However, there is an inadequate lighting control which means that the lights will be on at full intensity throughout the night. This results in a significant amount of electrical wastage and contributes to SIT's total electrical bill.
With the development of urbanization, the usage of street lamps increases rapidly due to high traffic and human population density. The roads in Singapore Institute Of Technology must be adequately illuminated to provide sufficient visibility for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. These street lamps are illuminated for 12 hours from a timing of 7 pm to 7 am, and this results in a need for …

Technical Report- Executive Summary Final

This report addresses the electrical usage contributed by streetlights in carparks that impacts the overall power consumption in Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). The existing street lighting system in SIT is switched on to full lighting intensity from 7pm to 7am on a typical day. However, due to poor dimming controls, electrical energy is wasted.

The report also aims to propose a smart lighting system that uses advanced street lighting controls such as sensor and wireless technology. If the division of estate in Singapore Institute of Technology chooses to implement this adaptive lighting system, the street lights in SIT will be able to adjust their brightness according to the changing ambient conditions and activity levels. The benefits of implementing the proposed system and suggestions to tackle the current issues will be discussed.
A feasibility study was done by the team detailing the requirements and constraints considered in the design of the system, as well as a technic…

Technical Report- Personal Statement Final

Beh Hsiung Wei is currently an undergraduate at Singapore Institute of Technology majoring in Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services). He graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in Green Building and Sustainability. He interned at Jurong Town Corporation back in 2014 in the Engineering Planning Division. He was also part of Energy Research Institute at NTU and assisted them with some of their projects. He looks forward to more projects that can broaden his scope and allow him to gain experience and more knowledge.

Critical Reflection about your learning in the course

In the last 13 weeks, effective communication has taught me to work with different groups of people. When I first stepped into the class two months ago, I thought that the first few people I was working with were going to be my group mates for the entire course. However, I was wrong as I was always asked to work with different members in the class and thus learn to adapt to the different dynamics in a group. Effective communication has also taught me to be careful with what I write in another proposal or emails. I learn how to write a proper official letter through many tutorial lessons and also an actual email was sent out to the Division Of Estate of Singapore Institute of technology.
Working with different people after every small assignment has also taught me that I must work well with others. Many times, in the working world, we will not be able to choose our teammates to do a project. I feel that effective communication has in a way emulate this ‘working experience’ as we are no…

Critical Reflection for Oral Presentation

I feel that the idea of having an Oral presentation for the module effective communication is good as it challenges us guys to think and present our ideas in a fluent manner. It also allowed me and my group mates to bond as we have to meet up to practice for the presentation. I learned a lot from my group mates in these meetups.

A few days before the actual oral presentation, my team and I meet up a couple of times before the presentation day. Initially, I struggled with conveying my ideas as well as presenting them as it's been roughly two years since I gave a presentation. However, I did try to speak to myself at home, and eventually, I felt more confident in myself.What I could have done better would be to present more confidently and lower my voice as I feel like I am shouting in a small room. This can be seen in a classmate's feedback form.

In my mock presentation, Professor Blackstone gave me some feedback and state that I should not use any ‘Singlish' in my presenta…

Technical Report - Background Information/Purpose Statement/Problem Statement. (Draft 1)

1 Introduction

With the rising concern of increasing energy consumption,  the Energy Market Authority is tackling by reviewing new ideas and solutions. Currently, enormous electrical energy is consumed by streetlights which are controlled by the means of the time of the day. One of the challenges face is due to the inadequate lighting control and poor power efficiency by streetlights which involves a great amount of energy wastage and plays a part in electricity costs.

With the development of urbanization, the usage of streetlamps increases rapidly in due to high traffic and human population density. On the other hand, these streetlights must be adequately illuminated to provide sufficient visibility for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. However, these streetlamps are illuminated constantly for 12 hours from a timing of 7pm to 7am. This, in turn, requires a huge amount of electrical power to light them up. According to the article,” Singapore Energy Statistics,” (2015) there is an…