Thursday, 21 September 2017

Summary - Draft 1

According to the article "Use of Cladding in Buildings Here Have Grown in Recent Times," Faris Mokhtar (2017), cladding is used to make buildings more sustainable but also poses new challenges.

Cladding enhances the appearance of a building, blocks noise, provides rain protection and serves as an insulation for the buildings. However, it poses a fire hazard. Application of cladding varies with climate. In colder climates such as London, cladding is filled with thermal insulation while in hotter climates such as Singapore, a non-combustible cladding is used to provide greater cover while meeting the fire safety regulation. On top of that, the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) has been involved in annual fire safety inspections.

In conclusion, cladding can be advantageous as long as the material suits the climate and fire safety inspections are done annually.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Summary on The use of cladding

According to the article “Use of Cladding in Buildings Here Have Grown in Recent Times”, Faris Mokhtar (2017), Cladding was introduced many years ago to make buildings more sustainable but they also pose new challenges as well.  
Claddings are made of plastic or aluminum to cover the exterior face of a building. Its advantages are to enhance the appearance of a building, blocking of noise rain protection and make buildings eco-friendlier. However, the cladding can also be a fire hazard as the air in the gaps is heated causing high upward wind speed.

In London, after cladding is fitted in a wall, thermally insulated gaps will help in the ventilation of the building. While in Singapore, facade layers are added to provide shading. The cladding does not contain any insulation material that can increase fire hazard.

Overall, I feel that claddings in buildings is a good idea as even though they can be a fire hazard, the material can be changed to make it less of a fire hazard. Overall, I feel that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages in the long run.


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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Subject: Self- Introduction

Dear Professor Blackstone,

My name is Hsiung Wei and I am a student in your effective communication class. I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in green building and sustainability in 2015, and applied to Singapore Institute of technology after my time in National Service and received an offer after going through an interview.
My interest in photography started when I was studying in Temasek Polytechnic. Back then, my lecturer would ask my friends and I to facilitate learning sessions where secondary school students came to learn about green technologies. One day, my lecturer asked whether I could help take photos for the sessions. I agreed to, and that’s how the passion started.
In terms of communication skills, my ability to interact with my superiors professionally has been nurtured over the years. During my internship in Polytechnic, my team and I were tasked to present our findings to the entire engineering division before we left the company. It was an extremely stressful moment as we were asked multiple questions about our findings during the presentation.
I feel my weakness in communication skills would probably be my inability to communicate effectively as in the working world, most people would prefer to hear summarized versions of information instead of long narratives. I personally feel that I have difficulty in summarizing my points as I often think that every point is important and that I should include all of them in my presentation.
My goal for this module is to learn to communicate efficiently and effectively, not just doing presentations but also in everyday communication and to learn to summarize my points better.
I believe in the coming months, I will be able to achieve my goal for this module and I look forward to learning more effective communication skills in class.

Best regards,
Hsiung Wei,
SIE 2017 Group1

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Summary - Draft 1

According to the article "Use of Cladding in Buildings Here Have Grown in Recent Times," Faris Mokhtar (2017), cladding is used to...